Are you a robot? No, neither are we!

Posted on February 23, 2022

There are many barriers to good customer service. One of those hurdles comes when you log on to your online portal, say for example, to access an account or speak to a representative. Suddenly, one of those ‘traffic light’ collages pops up which asks you to click on to all the boxes related to pictures of traffic lights. It asks you first of all ‘are you a robot?’ In other words are you a real human? 

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to mess them up, then it moves on to ‘bicycle’ and I end up clicking a box that has what I think is a corner of a handle bar! Besides taking ages it’s just another example of those sometimes awful processes we have to go through in order to speak to a real human to be able to access the information we need.

At HBFS we are about being easily accessible, for example, when our phone rings, we will answer. Many clients like to speak over the phone, it’s a great quick and easy way to speak to a dedicated advisor or member of the team. Even if your personal advisor is unavailable, that’s no problem, you can speak to someone else who can help. Don’t worry about getting an answer phone message or being put on hold. We have a large dedicated team who will make you, our client their priority. 

If you are more of a face to face person you’ll enjoy the option to come into our office. Our doors are open, you can relax in our refurbished dedicated client area and enjoy a coffee. Even if you don’t have an appointment you are welcome to come in an chat with our receptionist who can help organise an appointment which suits your schedule. 

We will review your portfolio regularly and give you as many reports as you need so that you are up to date. There’s no jumping through hoops with us. We are about the principles behind good old fashioned customer service. Yes of course, we use technology to help us run the business, including a chat function on our website, but don't despair there is a real person behind the chat. There is no substitute for personal service, especially when it comes to your finances, our aim is to make sure you have peace of mind.

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