hbfs-pension-art-250A pension or Retirement plan is an investment in your future. As with any investment you are about to take a lifetime decision. You will have numerous questions. When looking at planning for retirement it is important to take a number of things into account. The state pension, the old age pension, your selected retirement age, years until retirement and how much you want to retire on . What can you afford to pay? Do you want to retire early? We will also need to consider your current pension. For example do you have a private pension, personal pension company pension scheme or are you a member of a firm final salary scheme, or indeed a member of the states of Jersey Pension Scheme. If you are nearing retirement you will want to know about annuity rates, the best pension available, Income drawdown, pension drawdown, and drawdown pension rules. You will also need to know the difference between traditional Jersey Pensions and Retirement Annuity Trusts (RTS). Is a RTS more suitable to your requirements. What’s a guaranteed pension, what’s and open market option and what happens to my pension fund when I die? What’s spouse’s pension and will my pension payments increase in line with inflation.

We will explain the tax advantages of investing in a Retirement fund, and conduct regular reviews to ensure your pension is on track to meet your expectations. In short we will put in place an affordable plan so your target is hit.

Once you have selected the retirement product most suitable for you, we will then advise and help on fund selection according to your age, expectations and attitude towards investment risk.