mortgages-250Buying a property is probably the largest financial transaction and commitment you are likely to undertake. It is vital therefore that you seek independent mortgage and loan advice which is individual to your circumstances and requirements. Homebuyer Financial Services Limited mortgages are not tied to any lender. We therefore act entirely on your behalf and represent your best interests. We establish the most appropriate mortgage, whether you are a first time buyer or experienced with home loans and which mortgages suit you. You will have numerous questions. What is a mortgage or loan? Which mortgage is most suitable for you? What is the interest rate? What is APR? What is the mortgage rate? What is the best mortgage rate? What is mortgage insurance? What is the mortgage interest rate?

We will answer all your questions and advise on how to get a mortgage tailored for you. You may want a fixed rate mortgage, variable rate mortgage, discounted rate mortgage or indeed a 30 year mortgage. You may be interested in home equity loans, a buy to let mortgage or refinance mortgage. With mortgage calculators we can work out your mortgage payments and amount of mortgage loan required. We can then contact all Jersey mortgage companies on your behalf.

In short we will walk you through the whole mortgage loan process and can help advise on as much as is needed. We can deal with the banks to secure the best home mortgage for you. We have strong connections with law firms who offer our clients quality service and value for money. Need a surveyor? We can arrange this for you as well and at the same time deal with the estate agent.

Buying a property is usually the single largest financial transaction and commitment that you are ever likely to undertake, mortgages as such can be quite complex, however our staff are on hand to provide you with attentive guidance on the mortgage product that will most suit your circumstances and yes …we do all the hard work for you from start to finish

Currently we offer the following products :

With the best interest rates in mind we will make buying your home easy. Homebuyer Financial Services Limited mortgages, home of the easy Mortgage.