Investments & Saving in Jersey


hbfs-invest-art-250We will all agree that when looking at Investments and Savings plans, whether it be building up a lump sum for the future, saving to buy a property, trip of a lifetime or student funding we are about to make an important financial decision. It may be that you are simply saving to supplement your Retirement income. At Homebuyer Financial Services Limited we will help with your financial planning, acting as personal financial Planners.

You will have numerous questions to be answered. How to invest? What to Invest in? Where to invest? What is the best Investment? You may be looking to build up capital over a period of time, or already have capital from which you want to take an income.

There are no easy answers. There are many products in the market place. What suits you best? Hedge funds, fund of funds, currency funds, trust funds, pension funds, money funds, mutual funds, Global fund or unit trusts? These are but a few of them but our aim is to find you the most suitable and best investment to meet your requirements.

Whether you have £1,000 or £1,000,000 lump sum to invest or want to set up a monthly savings plan, we will look after you with care and attention. We will assess your attitude towards Investment risk (risk versus reward), time period you want to invest over, your overall circumstances and cater for your expectations. Are you a cautious investor or adventurous investor? We will find suitable products to recommend.